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Custom AI Business Assistant

Personalized AI assistants tailored to your business needs, with easy integration with your existing systems.
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Tailored Intelligence

Nouspo AI assistants are custom-built to understand and work with your unique business data and workflows, providing relevant and actionable insights.

Seamless Integration

Our AI seamlessly connects with your existing infrastructure, from ERP systems to communication platforms like WhatsApp and SMS, ensuring a unified experience.


Security is paramount. Nouspo ensures your data remains protected with encryption and compliance with global security standards.

From Data to Decision-Making

Nouspo AI assistants not only understand your data but also provide recommendations, automate tasks, and facilitate smarter decision-making, saving you time and resources.
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AI Assistants in Action

from automating customer service inquiries to managing internal workflows, AI assistants are designed to enhance every aspect of your business.

More than just AI, a team for you

In the age of AI, humans are indispensable partners, ensuring that technology aligns with ethical standards, personal touch, and deep understanding of unique business contexts.

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What is a Tailored AI Assistant?

A Tailored AI Assistant by Nouspo is a personalized AI solution designed to align with your unique business needs, utilizing your company's data to provide intelligent support and insights.

How does Nouspo ensure data security?

Nouspo prioritizes your data security with end-to-end encryption, strict access controls, and compliance with industry-leading standards to protect your sensitive information.

Can Nouspo integrate with our existing business systems?

Yes, Nouspo's AI assistants seamlessly integrate with a wide range of systems, including ERP, CRM, communication platforms like WhatsApp and SMS, ensuring a unified and efficient workflow.

How customizable is the AI assistant?

Our AI assistants are highly customizable, tailored to understand and operate within the specific context of your business, adapting to your workflows, data, and unique requirements.

What is the typical implementation timeframe?

Implementation can vary but generally ranges from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the complexity and level of customization required for your tailored AI assistant.

How do we get started with a Nouspo AI assistant?

We offer comprehensive training and onboarding, ensuring your team is fully equipped to work with your new AI assistant, with ongoing support to address any future needs or adjustments.

What is the pricing model for Nouspo's AI assistants?

Pricing is tailored to each client's specific needs, based on the level of customization, integration complexity, and support required. We ensure transparency with no hidden costs.

We respect your privacy

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